Make a meal out of the blue

Innovation is not just about making new stuff. Innovation is about taking your idea, and turning it into something tangible and positive, with the aim of making a difference. The job you have is the combination of creativity, knowledge and experience. Your first attempts may fail - but you start again. 

The best ideas in the world never change anything, but your vision, commitment and perseverance can.

We have been doing seafood for over 30 years. Fishing, processing, marketing and selling. Import and export. We have worked with people and companies from South Africa to Norway, covering most of continental Europe, UK and Ireland. This has given us a wealth of experience and enjoyment. We are now harvesting from this experience and know-how, driven by creativity and inspired by nature itself. We make new things, we may make them slightly differently and we always aim to make them better.  We do our stuff on  the tiny island of Sommaroy, near Tromso in Arctic Norway.

In 2008, we created “Havgull” or “Ocean Gold” Seafood-Crisps.  Since then we have been developing that product further, a job that we may enjoy for years to come. Parallel to our own products we sometimes work with others, assisting were we can to make new things happen. Creating happiness from the big blue sea.

If you happen to be in the area, and up for some fine tasting quality seafood - just get in touch and we will sort something out. Just drop us a line on